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At Kong, Lim & Partners, we perceive ourselves as a catalyst of success. The road to business success has many pitfalls and traps that many may not be aware of.
Our Services
Audit & Assurance
Reliability and fairness of financial information are crucial in gaining the trust of customers, lenders and investors.
At Kong, Lim & Partners LLP, our core audit and assurance practice is committed to quality and personalised service. Our audit teams are equipped with sound technical and management skills to allow us to achieve audit efficiency. Whilst assisting our clients to identify their risks and manage them effectively, we also support our clients in growing their businesses.
Tax & Legal    
In today's dynamic and challenging global economic climate, effective tax planning and advice is critical to every business, and hence the importance to align tax strategies with business needs. This is particularly so for companies who operate substantially globally and find themselves perplexed by various tax rules and regulations in unfamiliar territories.
Accounting & Outsourcing
New start-ups or companies wishing to concentrate on their core business can outsource their financial and accounting functions to our business outsourcing. Our services are popular with SMEs because we bring greater depth to what is commonly known as general accounting. We will identify your management information needs and we go beyond the basic by customizing the management report format according to your specifications.
Corporate Secretarial
For a company incorporated in Singapore, it is a statutory requirement that Directors ensure their companys secretarial records are properly maintained. In order to comply with this legal requirement, there are various company documents a company must prepare in accordance with the Companies Act, and lodged with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).
Management Consulting
Most companies start off with a dream of one day becoming successful. Some have dreams of listing on the exchange and others want to grow to be a multinational corporation. Whatever your aspirations, in this economic climate, not many achieve their dreams, either experiencing stagnant growths, under performance or business failure altogether. Seeking early advice is a first step in maintaining the sustainability of your business.
Business Recovery
Group reorganisations, informal arrangements and formal insolvencies are becoming increasingly common, especially so in this economic climate.

At Kong, Lim & Partners LLP, we are committed to support stakeholders in troubled companies, to either turn businesses around or to provide corporate exit routes with the best possible value recovered.
At Kong, Lim & Partners, we will tailor fit our services to best suit your business needs. Click here for a personalized quotation.
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